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Vibrant colors, provide excellent coverage, and are completely opaque. Easy to apply and covers large area's of skin with very little product, gives a smooth, even effect and will remain unblemished throughout the day. It is long make-up sessions where fast quality work is required, and it's perfect for carefully planned designs such as competitions or photo shoots. Once applied, the makeup will not smear under normal circumstances, remain bright and colorful, and is comfortable to wear.
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Empty Palette WITH 32 gram Foam Insert Empty Palette WITH 32 gram Foam Insert
Our Price: $28.99
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Wolfe 12-Color Essential Palette Wolfe 12-Color Essential Palette
Our Price: $29.99
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Wolfe black Wolfe Black, 30 grams
Our Price: $7.99
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Wolfe Black, 45 gram Wolfe Black, 45 gram
Our Price: $10.99
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Wolfe Dusty Rose(074) Wolfe Dusty Rose(074)
Our Price: $7.99
2 in stock!
Wolfe Gray(006) Wolfe Gray(006)
Our Price: $7.99
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Wolfe Light Blue(066) Wolfe Light Blue(066)
Our Price: $7.99
5 in stock!
Wolfe Lilac(078) Wolfe Lilac(078)
Our Price: $7.99
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Wolfe Orange(040) Wolfe Orange(040)
Our Price: $7.99
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Wolfe Pink(032) Wolfe Pink(032)
Our Price: $7.99
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Wolfe Red(030) Wolfe Red(030)
Our Price: $7.99
14 in stock!