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NOTICE: Acrylic tops on 50 gram cakes, 1-strokes and palettes are extremely fragile by nature. The weight placed on top of the packages during shipping is something that we are unable to account for when packing and we are not able offer refunds or replacements. If you item is completely crushed, will we will file and insurance claim for you as all packages are insured. Thank you for your understanding.
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Deal of the Day! Speed Sponge Sweeper Brush
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Deal of the Day Price: $0.00
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Our Price: $0.99
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Speed Face Painting Sponge
Fantasy World Wide Sponge ProAiir - Mister Super Sucker Kryvaline Never Stain Black Sponge, Small
Our Price: $0.99

Our Price: $0.99
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Our Price: $1.00
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Fantasy World Wide Sponge Kryvaline Never Stain Black Sponge, Small
Glitter Poof Bottle: 1 oz. Hinged Rainbow Container, 30 grams Empty 30 gram 1-Stroke Container-WHITE
Our Price: $1.25
189 in stock!
Our Price: $1.25
507 in stock!
Our Price: $1.25
600 in stock!